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  • George McSherry

Review: "auburn lane" - Pri Abrol

The cinematic track, "auburn lane", casts a hazy polaroid-filter hue over memories of crisp autumnal days when you held hands and heard the crunch of fallen leaves under foot, a couple of weeks before you start to see your breath. The sweet sadness that you continue to nourish has become a part of you and the stirring track details the bittersweet nature of holding on to those splintered memories that we should pull from under our nails but we've learned to live with.

Intricate, understated plucking of acoustic guitar establishes the track's indie-pop framework, bolstered by the airy, layered vocals that pine emotional lyrics detailing the complexities of love's thorny, somber side. The chorus sees the subtle introduction of ambient percussion: syncopated claps and an eventual combination of kick drums, cymbals, and drum rolls that match the energetic crescendo before the song slows to a peaceful, fading stop.

Pri Abrol is the moniker used by multitalented Priya Swendson, a college student from Cypress, California whose talents extend beyond the realm of music and into drama, creative writing, and cosmetology. Though Priya seems to excel at whatever she takes on, she is dedicated to her true passion: music. Awestruck by Taylor Swift, Priya does her idol plenty of justice in taking inspiration and creating fresh and substantive music with an endearing melancholic positivity.

Written By George McSherry



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