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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "automobile" - Nevada Red

Singer-songwriter Nevada Red's newest single, "automobile," fittingly opens with a loud car horn. This intro perfectly sums up Nevada's style: fun, colorful, and eclectic. "automobile" is an upbeat pop anthem with synths straight out of the 80s and a futuristic, spacey aesthetic from a time we haven't been to yet. The track oozes with confidence and attitude. It's the type of song you strut along to. With its energy and high-speed rhythm, the "automobile" is perfect for a night at the club or (appropriately) while driving in the fast lane. With "automobile," Nevada delivers yet another electronic banger that needs to be played at the loudest volume possible--especially the car horn!

"automobile" is such a fiery, catchy track. The instrumental, co-produced by Nevada and Future Humans, rushes with fun EDM details and a thumping beat that is impossible not to want to dance along to. But what truly sticks out best about the track is Nevada's performance. Throughout "automobile," the singer delivers these bold, hooky refrains bound to get stuck in your head. When discussing the writing process behind "automobile," Nevada says that the single "was conceptualized as a statement of taking back power, as a woman, in a place where women are still outnumbered by men," which comes through completely within the song. Nevada powerfully and anthemically declares she's driving and for you to get in, too. "automobile" is a track of total confidence and star power.  

Nevada Red is a U.K.-based pop singer-songwriter who has been making waves in the music scene for years. Her debut track, "On My Mind," from 2021, was an instant hit, getting plays on over 31 radio stations nationwide and accumulating over 100,000 streams. And this was just the beginning. Since then, the artist has released several other singles, like "I Will Try," or "Naughty," which show off her range in making fun, upbeat jams. Fans of artists like Charli XCX, Lady Gaga, or Kim Petras will find a lot to love in her work. Nevada's song "Body Rock" was featured in the hit Netflix film Senior Year, garnering her nearly one million online streams. "automobile" is yet another pop banger from the artist and the first of several upcoming releases for 2024. You can listen to "automobile," as well as Nevada's discography, on all streaming services now.  

Written By Lauren Nolan


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