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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Back To Her" - Alice Pisano

“Back To Her”, Alice Pisano’s latest release, tells the story of being second to your number one. It seems to be a love song, articulating often how she feels she is falling for this person, describing their relationship. But just as these things happen in life, it consistently leads back to “her”. The allusive other woman is always at the end of these seemingly happy, loving roads. So, as the title implies, she tells them to go back to her. Nearly begs them to. Despite the pain it may cause her, it seems it cannot compare to the pain of watching them want someone else. Her own want for this person seems to reflect their want for someone else, both being something “wrong”. She speaks on feeling as if she should distance herself, who is she to want and chase someone who doesn’t feel the same? And it is the same story for them. It cannot feel right to desire someone else while having such a loving person an arms reach away. “Back To Her” is a story of unrequited love on both ends, despite them being together.

The song begins with a slow piano and Pisano’s echoing voice. She starts by explaining the basics of their interactions involving her, the argument’s layout, to explain her frustration. “You got one foot in the past. I should step back, move on.” her lyrics reflect the similarities between the two relationships with seamless symbolism. As she then goes onto describe her spiraling affection, the pace of the song follows it, her voice and tone sounding panicked. The chorus is a striking example of Alice Pisano’s talent as a singer, her soft but strong voice carries her words with a passionate pain that marks the song as a heart wrenching hit. She puts a particular emphasis on the “her” in this portion of the song that, in hearing that single word, anyone could understand the role “she” plays in Alice’s life. And yet, at the end of the song it is the very last word and it is almost silent, as if she is too tired to even utter her name again.

Alice Pisano is a pop artist on the rise, she is a singer and songwriter originally from Italy now based in London. “Back To Her” follows the theme of many of her songs, largely being emotional, relatable, pieces based around relationships. These songs could be heard on BBC Radio 1’s Future Pop Show where they were featured, as well as in concert at The Great Escape Festival where Pisano performed two shows and was in the first fifty artists announced. Her live performances as well as her recorded work have been regarded by Atwood Magazine, Clash, Earmilk, and other highly regarded sites, as well as having been well received by the general public. She’s had four singles featured on the iTunes Pop Charts and garnered over a million views on Tiktok with her song “September”. Stream her hit songs, including her newest of them “Back To Her” and follow Alice Pisano below.

Written By Hailey Schap



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