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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Backwards (feat. Knox)" - Alexa Cappelli

In “Backwards,” Alexa Cappelli teams up with Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Knox, to deliver an unforgettable break-up anthem. The new single explores the aftermath of a failed relationship where one person is able to move on while the other is still stuck in the past. Throughout the song, Cappelli proudly proclaims that she has healed from the heartbreak and has gotten over her former partner. Meanwhile, her ex-partner continues to rehash previous conversations and open old wounds. The song opens with Cappelli singing the chorus: “I’m moving on and you’re moving backwards// You keep dragging us on// Reliving chapters// Oh, the scars will never heal, if you keep opening the wounds.” The reveal of the clever hook right off the bat immediately lets the listener know exactly what the catchy track is about. It is difficult to find complete closure when someone keeps pulling you down with them. With Knox’s entrance through his solo in the second verse and his vocals in the background for the remainder of the track, his voice adds an additional layer to the storyline. The two singers’ passionately harmonizing symbolizes the couple arguing, transporting the listener directly into the narrative. With the poetic songwriting and vivid details, “Backwards” eloquently tells the story of breaking free from a never-ending break-up.

“Backwards” has a beautiful production that effortlessly guides the listener through the poetic lyrics. The song is introduced by an acoustic guitar that utilizes a capo to play in the upper register of the instrument. The chords use hammer-ons on the lower notes while excluding the shriller high-notes to add a unique dynamic to the track. This leads into the initial chorus, before a guitar riff signifies the beginning of the first verse. The synth heavy production begins with the introduction of the bass and beat, while the guitar continues in the background. Light airy synth sounds are added during the pre-chorus before an intense beat drop kicks-off the second chorus. When the chorus returns, the guitar picks up heavy effects with a brief pause in the production near the end. Then in the post-chorus, the synth picks back up for an electrifying soundscape. In the second verse, Knox’s vocals take the forefront with the subtle acoustic guitar from the beginning, bringing focus on the lyrics. After this verse, his vocals transition into flawless harmonies for the remainder of the track. The song maintains the energetic, infectious melody until the very last moment of the song, where the acoustic guitar closes out the track. “Backwards” is an outstanding break-up song that showcases Cappelli and Knox’s impeccable vocals that were made to effortlessly blend together for an unforgettable collaboration.

Alexa Cappelli is a singer-songwriter from Southern California. After competing in Season 14 of The Voice as a member of Coach Kelly Clarkson’s team, she chose to commit to her music career full time. In 2019, she released her debut EP, The Colors That Make You. She released several singles that garnered massive attention on TikTok. In 2022, she released her sophomore EP, Confused @ 22. Since this project, she has signed to Arista Records and has been releasing singles from her upcoming debut album. The lead single, “Could’ve Just Left Me Alone”, has over 17 million streams on Spotify alone. She has been featured more than once on the music platform’s New Music Friday playlist and has earned recognition from industry professionals such as MTV, Just Jared, and 1883 Magazine. Cappelli continues to make a great name for herself within the industry and shows no signs of slowing down.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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