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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Bad Company" - Sydney Scotia

“You’re better off alone than keeping heathens by your side.” Those were my favorite lyrics from Sydney Scotia’s song, “Bad Company.” In this song, Scotia reflects on living in a robotic nature. She dresses up to go another fancy L.A party and hang around fake friends who don’t really care about her. An outsider to the situation may say, “you need to find some new friends.” This is obviously easier said than done. Moreover, there is also the added fear of being completely alone. In an attempt to avoid this fear coming true, Scotia would rather be around bad company than have no company at all. This is a complete reversal of the beginning quote.

This song starts out with a very sad guitar as Scotia sings, “another party, another night.” I anticipated that this would be the mood of the whole song. However, I was surprised (in a good way) when it changed direction. After the words, “we both know that’s a lie,” the beat drops and the music picks up speed with a grungy sounding guitar. I thought this was a good musical representation of sadness and anger. I would guess that she had to be feeling both of these emotions in her situation. Additionally, I liked how a lot of the lyrics rhymed. The song I previously wrote about also had many rhyming lyrics. I think this aspect makes Scotia’s song catchy. Personally, the rhyming helped me to pick up the words.

Sydney Scotia is an Indie artist based in Canada. If you enjoyed “Bad Company” and want to hear more of her, you should check out “ETA.” Unlike “Bad Company,” this song has a happier demeanor. Instead of breakups, Scotia talks about new love and trying to get a crush’s attention. It gives off a great summertime vibe. You should definitely put it on the playlist for your next pool party!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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