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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "bad for you" - Ananya

Leaving a relationship where you aren’t receiving the utmost respect, as well as experiencing lies and secrecy from your partner is a journey that pushes you into a healing era full of personal growth and self-love. It’s a phase where putting yourself first, protecting your peace, and recognizing your worth becomes a constant practice. Ananya’s “bad for you” tells this story from her perspective. Throughout the song, you can see her reclaiming her power and control, making the empowering decision to step away from this toxic relationship. Her journey turns into a healing era, where she learns to rediscover herself.

In this powerful breakup anthem, Ananya reveals that her ex was unloyal, hiding and lying about his disloyalty from her. Despite the numerous attempts of apologies and excuses, this discovery opens Ananya’s eyes and proves that her ex didn’t respect her or understand her worth: “I’m done tryna figure it out, don’t wanna hear another word coming out of your mouth. And I, don’t wanna hear what you’re sorry about ‘cause I’m done feeling bad for you.” After what was done in the dark had come into the light, the frustration coming from this situation had stressed Ananya out, leading her to realize that this is not what she wants or deserves in a relationship: “You're both takers, energy drainers” and “Wish you were strangers to me now. I’m moving on, with or without.” This song walks us through Ananya’s thought process after an eye-opening and truth revealing event, and ending in her discovering that if her ex doesn’t see her worth, then she needs to walk away, which she did! Ending a relationship is challenging, but making this choice was empowering. After finding clarity and understanding her value, she knows what she deserves and grows stronger from this experience.

Ananya is a pop singer-songwriter raised in Zimbabwe, but currently based in the UK. She is a multi-talented artist, fashion designer, instrumentalist, and mental health advocate. She discovered and pursued music during her childhood, where she learned to play the piano, drums, guitar, wrote and even performed! She continued her musical journey into her adulthood, while also studying fashion design in New York City. As of recently, she co-founded a non-profit organization that raises awareness on the mental health crises in Zimbabwe called The Nani Wellness Project. Over a month ago on October 6th, Ananya released her debut EP, “i woke up one night”, which consists of 7 songs with one of them being “bad for you.” In an Instagram caption about her EP, she described the making and process of it as a “Labour of love,” more specifically being, “Honest, vulnerable, empowering, emotional. All at the same time. It’s nightmares, and dreams, regrets, and truths.” The EP follows the journey of self-love, personal growth, and “stepping into the best you that there is, cause we’re not what we’ve been through.” Keep up with Ananya for future releases by clicking on the links below, and check out her debut EP “i woke up one night” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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