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  • Magen Zeng

Review: "Badder Than The Bad Boys" - Peyton Shay

An anthem for anyone living by their own rules, “Badder Than The Bad Boys” by Peyton Shay will awaken your inner rebel. Look no further for a chance to listen in on Shay’s message: never be afraid to be yourself. Inspired by the early 2000’s rock style, Shay brings the roof down with a melody you just can’t help but rock your head to. Listen to “Badder Than The Bad Boys” and feel empowered to live your most authentic life.

Peyton Shay starts off the song with a verse about the life that was left behind—one that has you “walking on that thin ice.” Realizing the need to move on, the next verse is about living in a bubble on the verge of bursting and finally letting go. The chorus is where the bad girl anthem begins. After being shackled to monotony her whole life, the wild animal she truly was has been set free. Next comes a repeat of the first verse, same backtrack but with a more assertive undertone. The second verse repeats with a deep urge to truly be set free. Finally, we reach the chorus that repeats two more times with a bridge in the middle that solidifies individuality and reminds us that life keeps going.

Nineteen and a Billboard charting artist, Peyton Shay takes the music industry by storm with her unique voice and creative concepts. Releasing her first single right before the pandemic started, Peyton Shay has put out three more singles and an EP. Shay keeps herself busy, whether content creating on Tik-Tok or challenging the status quo. A voice for the new generation, Shay inspires many to reach for the stars.

Written By Magen Zeng



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