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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "BATSHIT" - Emily Ronna

Photo Credit: Libby Danforth

Sometimes we can get highly protective over the people we love, to the point where some may call us crazy. Emily Ronna's new single "BATSHIT" is a lively track communicating the wild and rash tendencies that can come out when your relationships are threatened. The single is overflowing with passion, confidence, ferocity and peculiarity. The pop anthem is full of exhilarating and dramatic lyrics such as, "You can tell her I'm batshit, showing up at her house with a hatchet". The single's sweet and dreamy instrumentation is creatively contrasted with unhinged and brutal lyrics. "BATSHIT" is the perfect song to sing-along with at the top of your lungs, with it's energetic chorus and fun lyrics. Emily Ronna's original lyricism, creative vision and stunning voice make "BATSHIT" a fun and groovy listen that reminds audiences to steer clear of any crushes who might be taken; you never know if their partner is batshit crazy.

“BATSHIT” is introduced with groovy synth beats, soon accompanied by Emily Ronna’s clear and sultry vocals. The single’s catchy chorus is energetic and fierce. Emily’s strong voice has impressive range, dipping low for melody vocalizations and reaching high-pitched accent notes. The single contains haunting underlaid vocals that pair perfectly with the track's synth sound. The “BATSHIT” official music video was released on January 25th and has already surpassed 22k views on YouTube. The video features stunning cinematography with colorful artificial light, motion filming and shots featuring a shallow depth of field. The vibe of the music video reflects that of the song, with high energy, eccentric shots and destruction. Emily committed to the role, staying in character and even smashing a guitar.

Originally from Boston, Emily Ronna is a talented singer-songwriter taking the Nashville pop music scene by storm. Emily spent the first decade of her musical journey in the punk genre, aiming to front a band. After deciding to pursue a solo career, she has met mass success. Her debut single, “Someone Else” was released in 2021 and garnered over 17k streams on Spotify alone. Since then, she has released various hits such as “Breathe”, “Bad Excuse” and “Agony” which has accumulated over 84k streams on Spotify. Emily released her first EP in 2021 titled, “Sex & Depression (S.A.D.)” which features five lively songs said to pay homage to the early 2000’s emo music that she grew up on. In 2022 she collaborated with Ericovich and Mordrez to create their hit single, “No One Else” which has performed nicely, earing over 120k streams on Spotify. Luckily for fans, Emily Ronna is releasing her second EP, “S.A.D. 2”, a sequel collection of songs that is just as sexy and depressed, on March 17th.

Written By Julia Hooper



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