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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Be Somebody" - Fulton Lee

In "Be Somebody," Fulton Lee expresses true confidence through his lyricism and his melody. This song is about that feeling you have when you are completely self-assured in who you are and what you deserve. There's no point wasting time on those who have lied to you because they're only going to hold you back. Lee emanates that certainty one feels when they're determined to turn into the best version of themselves. He's determined to be the best version of himself that he can be, and is leaving behind that person, or people, that hurt him in the past. This high-energy single will inspire the same power in its listeners.

The song first starts out with a chill, lofi-style, beat; a complete contrast to what's to come. The song slowly intensifies as Fulton's vocals are added, the beat gets more prominent, and a bit of guitar gets thrown in there. Then there's a big boom factor once the chorus hits. The pace of the whole song picks up as Fulton speeds up his singing and more sound is thrown into the mix. Fulton's vocals keep listeners interested as he adds some spikes in his pitch to bring some higher octaves to the piece. The upbeat melody and vocals perfectly match the theme of the lyrics to create this motivational single. The lyrics contain lines such as "Never get me to walk that line that I walked" and "I've been telling you watch your back or get crossed" intensify the confident spirit that Fulton portrays in this piece.

Fulton began releasing his music in 2016 under a sound dubbed "Bubblegum Funk." His sound contains components of the 1950s to create his groovy and colorful pop melodies. His debut EP, Baby Blue, released in 2018 kickstarted a flow of 10 singles being released over the course of the next few years. Fulton has started to mix his retro sound with modern-day pop in recent years. We're currently in the era of his debut album, Sonny Boy, as Fulton has begun releasing singles leading up to the album's release. The first single "White Skates" was released on March 18, and he plans on releasing more and more of the album in the coming months. Fulton is able to pull off both upbeat and chill pieces, and is able to surprise listeners by bringing diversity to today's music.

Written By Melina Darlas



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