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  • Miles Tutor

Review: "Be Yourself" - Nora Sänger

"JUST BE YOU!" is the most important element to a person's individualism AND integrity that admittedly most of us step out of those boundaries with our personal freedoms. Nora Sänger's hot new single "Be Yourself" goes into the idea of creating your own path as a person without becoming envious or mentally hard on yourself based on others. Their opinions AND achievements should not stop you from going forward with your life as an individual! BE YOURSELF!

This song has a beautiful, angelic quality to it! I love the dreaminess of all of the instrumentation as well as the lullaby-like singing that Nora provides over the mellow acoustics from the guitar AND the clunky jazz xylophone which is a very integral instrument based on the light energy of the song. The build-up of this song is massive and it becomes more dramatic yet ethereal as the song keeps moving along with Nora making her vocals more demanding. There are clearly elements of folk, country, jazz AND soul that just create a folk-country smoothie. All the ingredients to this song are fresh!

Nora Sänger is a singer-songwriter who is based across the pond in Germany! Nora incorporates soul, funk, country AND many other genres into a folk-pop blend that is sonically very pleasing. Nora has already released a good chunk of music, with her 2015 album "Always Golden" being her golden entrance to the pop game as well as various released singles including "We'll Make It" which was released in February AND the 2020 single "Leap in the Dark." Nora is phenomenal! Go give her a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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