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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "Beaches" - Silver Lake

Silver Lake describes a love story in their new song "Beaches." The dreamy alt-pop track describes the setting of a golden beach where the narrator lets us know she plans to spend the remainder of her lifetime there with her love, "When its all over // Please lay me down on golden beaches that tell us // That beauty has not yet left us." The track feels warm, like summer, and hopeful with the youthfulness that comes with the season. The visual below showcases beautiful shots of the duo taking strolls during sunlight, and flying a bright red kite.

The song is a dream-like alt-pop song that feels like you've entered a trance. The sounds of electric guitars, synths, and even a vibraphone all come together to form this beautiful track. The lyrics depict a dreamy love story. The most beautiful line to be found is the chorus of the song, it describes a situation of being silent together and enjoying the moment instead of talking over it, "Ask me in the morning // I just want to listen right now // Ask me in the morning // I don't want to talk at all." A testament to true love, finding solace in the shared silence and not feeling the need to fill the quiet.

Silver Lake is an alt-pop duo based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The duo is made up of musicians Marleen Hoebe and Jesse Koch who are musical partners, but partners in their personal lives as well. Their sound recalls a vintage style, but created with synthesizers and many different modern techniques. "Beaches" is their third single together as a duo, following previous singles "Under The Silver Lake" and "Violet" both that were released in 2022. Their unique sound makes them one to easily recognize, but also one to be on the look out for.

Written By Kyle Stiver



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