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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Beacon" - MORGXN

Finding the will to go on can feel impossible. It may feel like it's easier to give up, that the darkness is all there ever will be. For MORGXN, giving up isn’t an option. Life has its ups and downs but hope is what keeps us from falling apart. Without hope what would be left? MORGXN’s track, Beacon, acknowledges the pain of life and gives hope to those feeling it. beacon will help to find even the smallest bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Once that light is found it all seems like the hard times were worth the battle. MORGXN’s beacon is a radiant track filled to the brim with light and hope.

MORGXN wants to be a beacon for his fans. He knows life can be hard and so many people struggle to find hope. MORGXN is making space for those who need it to find the light and fight their way out of the darkness. Beacon is the anthem for those struggling. He wrote the track to remind his fans that though the waters may be rough there's always a lighthouse to find your way. The track features optimistic lyrics with vocal layering that simulates the fullness of a church choir. The instrumental adds an even more uplifting aspect to this song as it builds on the brightness of the vocals with jubilant bass and piano. There is no way to feel upset while listening to this song. It fills your soul with power. MORGXN won’t let a single person feel low and this track is proof of that fact.

MORGXN is a Nashville-born singer/songwriter who carries his heart on his sleeve. Each track is a reflection of his emotions in the rawest and most relatable way. This rawness is what has drawn so many people into MORGXN’s music. He has gained a massive following with his deeply personal yet energetic music. MORGXN began his music career sticking with a more energetic sound. Playing with the soundscapes of genres like RnB and Electronic before landing on the sweet spot of Alt-pop. He has been making waves for years and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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