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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "Beautiful Chaos" - Molly Baker

If you’re looking for a catchy new pop song to listen to, look no further than Molly Baker’s newest single, “Beautiful Chaos”. Following the release of her single, “Runaway”, Molly is making herself known once more with a new single released today! From memorable guitar melodies, honest lyrics, and fun electro pop sounds, her new single has elements that any pop music fans will enjoy. "Beautiful Chaos" is only the latest from the young artist and is the first single she is releasing from her upcoming debut album. The new single is based around the artists own experiences as a freshman in high school that fellow high school students and young adults alike can relate to. Full of nostalgic memories, Molly's track captures those first moments of High School and the feelings that come with it that many people have also felt during this time. From the anxiety of walking into class on the first day to worrying about fitting in, many of us remember what that was like or will about to experience it for the first time. Everyone goes through their own version of beautiful chaos throughout life and Molly's latest track serves as a reminder that you’re not alone.

Since discovering her passion with music through open mic nights and musicals, Molly has been developing her unique sound with every new release. Previous tracks of Molly’s have been ballads about relationships and like this track, her lyrics are honest and reflect moving on and embracing changes. Her latest single is an upbeat, indie-alt inspired track, with an unforgettable melody and clever lyrics to look forward to. “Beautiful Chaos” takes its listeners on a journey to the first year of high school.The artist has said, “We've all agonized over it but we all made it through those first few days and found our crowd and created some life long friends”. Her recent release opens with the lyrics, “First day of freshman year in this strange new atmosphere, I almost cried all my mascara off two steps in and I’m already lost”. Molly’s lyrics capture those intense feelings high school can bring out and as the song progresses she also acknowledges the pivital moments in High School like homecoming and football games. One of the many highlights of this track is the catchy guitar melody you hear throughout that was reminiscent of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good 4 U”. This is a song you will want to add to your pop playlists and blast on full volume. As a new listener I am excited to hear what she releases next!

Molly Baker is a promising up and coming pop artist based in The U.S. The young artist has been involved with music since an early age, and has been sharing her original pop songs on platforms like Spotify since 2021. Averaging over 1,600 monthly listeners, Molly is well known for her first single, “Go With The Flow”. In only a short amount of time, she has grown recognition for her music since this first release only a few years ago. The pop artist now has 5 other original songs added to her discography including her newest, “Beautiful Chaos”. Besides being a singer, Molly is a multi instrumentalist playing guitar and piano as well. Molly’s music inspiration comes from artists such as Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and the Arctic Monkeys. Molly is active on her social accounts including YouTube, where she releases music and lyric videos of her songs. With much anticipation, Molly has a YouTube premiere video of her new single on it's release day today which you can find on her channel. Currently, Molly has been hard at work on her debut album “Plot Twist” set to release later this Spring. After hearing the first featured track, fans should be excited to hear more. For more information on her upcoming releases check out her socials below!

Written By Jenna Barton



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