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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Behind Closed Doors" - Sydney Miller

Photo Credit: Tjanatja (@lilly.pilly - Instagram)

Music is a unique storytelling tool, open to interpretation and dissection. Some songs can transmit different feelings to each individual listener. Sydney Miller’s new single, “Behind Closed Doors” is the perfect example of a track with such simplistic lyricism yet various possibilities for underlying narratives. When I analyze “Behind Closed Doors”, I hear a story of self-doubt, reflection and growth. Lines such as “I’ve changed now I voice all my fears, no point in tryna keep them in” allude to gaining confidence and placing value in your own thoughts and ideas. “Behind Closed Doors” is an anthem of self-empowerment and realization. Sydney sings about growing stronger and letting go of prior insecurities. She blends elements of pop and electronica to create an emotional ballad that showcases her ethereal vocals. Sydney Miller’s authentic sound, unique musical vision and raw talent make her a standout artist in the pop music scene.

“Behind Closed Doors” is truly a treat to the ear. Sydney’s hypnotizing voice reaches beautiful falsetto notes as well as deep contralto tones. The tracks' unique instrumentation presents a plethora of memorizing sounds. The single is packed with vibrant percussion and textured synth noise. Vocalization layering and echoed harmonies provide endless dimension. The creative addition of door sound is not only a novel musical element, but also a nod to the song’s title. Sydney's willingness to experiment with eccentric sound and her refreshing take on pop set her apart as an innovative audio engineer and music producer. If her gifted composition skills aren't enough, Sydney Miller's incredible vocal abilities solidify her as a must-watch artist with immense potential.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Sydney Miller is a 23-year-old singer, sound artist, composer, music producer, and audio engineer. Her unique and vibrant sound mixes a variety of textures from hopping percussion to distorted synth lines. Her debut single, “Out From The Inside” was released in 2020 and has reached over 6.4k streams on Spotify. The track was later included on Sydney’s first EP, “The Inside” with other bops such as “Running Out”, “In the Office”, “Dollhouse” and “Bad News” which alone has garnered 4k streams on Spotify. In 2022, she released the “Out From The Inside” official music video which has excellent production value, featuring a wide variety of camera angles, beautiful shallow depth of field shots and astounding split screen post-production editing. Sydney can be discovered on popular public paylists such as “The Australian Music Scene” which has over 3k likes on Spotify. Likewise, she appears on the 2019 single, “Emission Clouds Over Beijing” a piece included in the first volume of a soundscape mixtape by Music Valium, the project name taken by composer, Philip Tucker. Sydney often works with Orange Orange, an Australian alt-indie artist. Last June the two musicians embarked on a dual residency and tour through Melbourne and some of its neighboring cities. In February, Sydney appeared on the single “Granny Lands” from Orange Orange's new EP, “The Sun Isn’t Gone”. Sydney Miller is certainly pushing the boundaries of pop music with the merging of various instrumentation and blending of the jazz, pop, dance and electronica genres. Keep an eye out for Sydney as she expands her discography, creating more immersive and authentic songs that feature her angelic vocals.

Written By Julia Hooper



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