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  • Rosalyn Sanchez

Review: "Berlin Is a Liar" - BOVIY

The unmistakable sentiment of loneliness is entirely overwhelming. The feeling of loneliness can capture us when we least expect it. When we are surrounded by a cornucopia of people, when the noise of conversations drowns our senses– we somehow become tethered up in the paralyzing feelings of loneliness. To feel as though we are losing ourselves in an interminable battle between loneliness and freedom. Freedom– because we are liberated, and have the ability to drown out our burdens, and loneliness– because although we may try to mollify ourselves, we somehow always end up enmeshed in the crowded, and intricate emotions of feeling utterly alone. The song “Berlin Is a Liar” by BOVIY, her latest single, depicts a similar situation. In her song, she speaks about the topic of feeling desolate and lonely even in a city as teeming and ostentatious as Berlin. Although the city offers freedom and undying inspiration for its community, we still somehow fall into heavy and forlorn sentiments. 

The music video shows a montage of clips, many of which depict the city behind her, and I think these particular parts of the music video tell us about the freedom and beauty that the city offers. We watch as our singer, BOVIY, walks through the city, marveling at the scenery, yet, despite the innate magnificence, the loneliness still settles in. Although the lyrics tell a rather melancholy story, the sound is the complete opposite– settling for a more upbeat and light tune. This song has the kind of charm that allows listeners to nod their heads along to the captivating sound, befalling to BOVIY’s alluring voice, but when the lyrics finally register, listeners recognize how vehemently emotional this song is, and how many shaking souls it may touch with it’s resonating sound and lyrics. That’s what this song has done for me. I was slightly caught off-guard by the almost cavalier sound, compared to the importance of the lyrics. I did not anticipate such an insouciant melody to have such harrowing lyrics that touch my heart. Lyrics that are able to define my very confused feelings, that although I may have the world around me, with a plethora of people in my life, I still plunge into loneliness.

BOVIY, the exceptionally talented woman behind such an elaborate song, is a singer/songwriter from Germany. BOVIY is mostly associated with genres like alt, pop, and indie. Utilizing her gifted voice for good, BOVIY speaks and sings about substantial societal issues. VOGUE Germany named her one of the top six upcoming female artists of the year 2023! BOVIY continues to climb up the ladder of success, using her music and voice to speak to the hearts of those who listen. I cannot wait to hear even more of her unique sound! Follow her socials to stay in contact with any new releases and exciting updates!

Written By Rosalyn Sanchez



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