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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Best Best Friend" - Herine

For those who have the unending need to people-please to the point of your own detriment, Herine’s “Best Best Friend” is for you. Anxiously attached, self-sacrificial– whatever label you use, this track warns against that dangerous temptation to give all of yourself without ever remembering your own wellbeing. It’s a beautiful thing to be kind, to be giving and generous, but we shouldn’t ever forget that we need to be kind, giving, and generous to ourselves, too. “Best Best Friend” lays that out with tentative, easy instrumentals and Herine’s elegant vocals, her songwriting spelling those needs with a delicate pen and knowing wisdom. It’s nice being everyone’s best, best friend, but you should treat yourself like one, too.

“Best Best Friend” is soft, earnest, and full-hearted. I really loved how delicate, perhaps even shy, the instrumentals were; with each crest of the chorus, there’s a gentle incline, but they always eventually float and flutter down. It traces the emotional highs and lows of people-pleasing, that anxious attachment style of wanting to keep people around and trying your best to make them stay. The lyrics touch on these topics so well; there’s a fantastic line that encapsulates this perfectly, which goes, “‘Cause if they’re happy, I’m happy / Letting my needs take the backseat.” Herine’s songwriting weaves both fear and hope together in such a way that blurs the line between needs and wants, and a beautiful and honest message rests within the lines: you don’t, and shouldn't, need to please everyone to be happy. “Best Best Friend” is composed with graceful instrumentals and profound lyrics, together making it the perfect track as a reminder to treat yourself with love and kindness and caring.

Nashville indie-pop sensation Herine is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist whose music is steeped in rich personal narratives, touching every soul who listens to any of her songs. Through utilizing music as a therapeutic outlet, her art is a way of processing life’s complexities, channeling it into a creative energy. She’s recently performed on the main stage of the Sundance Film Festival; and her 2023 single “Cigarettes and Promises” earned a top 50 spot on Mediabase’s Activator chart. 2021 was the year of her debut single “Favorite Things”, and with “Best Best Friend” marking her first release of 2024, it’ll be a big year for Herine. She has several singles and a full project coming in 2024, so follow her socials to keep track of her next releases!

Written By Alexa Leung



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