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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "best friends with your girlfriend" - Jessica Baio

Jessica Baio releases “best friends with your girlfriend” about women empowerment after an unenlightened rendezvous. Much too often after an entanglement, the other woman and girlfriend hate each other, and the man gets off scot-free. Jessica Baio is changing the narrative and setting a standard for what should happen if someone were to discover the person they’re seeing already has a partner. There’s a vast difference between intentionally trying to break up someone’s relationship and being kept in the dark and led astray by a sweet talker with a double-life. Some men will never be happy in their relationships because they will never be happy with themselves, but instead of getting out and getting help, they end up deeply hurting two innocent bystanders who want to love him. “best friends with your girlfriend” is about women coming together and joining forces after a betrayal instead of letting a man turn them into enemies. They will appreciate one another in a way he never could have. They’ll help get each other through a very dark time. They will turn a tragedy into a lifelong friendship, and they’ll be so grateful they met the guy who did them so dirty because they found each other!

Jessica Baio wrote “best friends with your girlfriend” on a plane to Nashville when she was trying to think of fresh song concepts. She was struck with an unconventional topic that should really be customary. Jessica says, “The idea of writing from the perspective of being the girl who a guy cheated with, rather than the girl cheated on, seemed fresh and something I hadn’t heard before.” The lyrics tell a beautiful message about being a girl’s girl and building up one another instead of tearing each other down, Too often in relationships, the girlfriend is left in the dark. Jessica is rewriting the norm in hopes her listeners will band together, leave the man, and create a real lasting relationship with a friend who has gone through the same experience of being led astray. “best friends with your girlfriend” is about turning trauma into a happy-ending. Ditch the man, grab your girl, and dance to this song til the wounds start to heal!

Jessica Baio is an artist on the rise in the world of pop music. She captivates her audience with catchy melodies and relatable story-telling. Her passion for music ignited at an early age, and with her impressive vocal ability and determination, she quickly gained attention through social media platforms, amassing 2 million followers on TikTok. Jessica released her debut EP, Catalyst, in early 2023, and it garnered great attention and response from listeners worldwide. Her track “trust issues” accumulated over 13M streams to date. Already teasing new music, Jessica is ready to give her fans another body of work leading off with viral sensation, “best friends with your girlfriend,” so stream it now, and be a part of her journey as a household name in the pop scene!

Written By Grace Chapman



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