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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Better Alone" - Ear Candy

Relationships gone sour can warp you along with them. In an effort to fix the problems or justify them in your head, one might find themselves tangled in frustration. In his fantastic third single, "Better Alone," Ear Candy unravels over an instrumental as sweet as his namesake suggests. The English-based singer-songwriter and producer deftly weaves an alternative edge into the DNA of an upbeat, indie-pop track. His remarkable vocals match the enthusiasm of the song, but carry the underlying pain like a poisoned candy-apple. Electronic keys, dreamy synths, and buoyant bass all glide over the steady drums, resulting in an indie-pop gem that expands the borders of genre instead of outright defying them.

"You're messing up the wires in my brain!" Jamie Jordan, creator of Ear Candy, exclaims right before bursting into the shimmering chorus. It carries the song's confessional directness, though provides the conflict's most vivid symptom. During the bridge, where the alt-rock flavors are sharpest, Jordan swings for a well-timed catharsis. "[I've] had it up to here with this / so easy to leave you." After laying out the complex and blistering feelings this relationship had left him with, the best solution is the simplest one. If someone doesn't make you happy, there is no point in overthinking it. The brightness of the song feels like a response: unburdened and liberated. There's still coldness there, but "Better Alone" documents the moment a ray of sun finally reaches his skin.

Ear Candy is the creative project of singer/songwriter and producer, Jamie Jordan. While releases under the Ear Candy name began only recently this year, Jordan has written and performed for several years in pursuit of developing his production skills. The variety of genres he has written and performed prior to the solo project allows for the subtle and skillful stylistic blend within each song. While all three of his currently released singles inhabit an energetic indie-pop vessel, they are uniquely packed with nuances of other genres—such as the alternative edge in "Better Alone." Fortunately, Ear Candy has even more releases planned for 2022, making it a prolific and exciting debut year to follow.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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