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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Better Kind of Best Friend" - Xana

In the iconic Xana fashion, the singer combines a captivating dark-pop production with sultry lyricism to celebrate queer pride in her latest single, “Better Kind Of Best Friend”. The fiery track is a sex-positive anthem that explores giving into your deepest desires and appreciating the euphoric emotions experienced with a devoted partner. Xana’s candid lyrics leave little to interpretation as she details the moments of sweet ecstasy with her muse. Each line contains sensual imagery that immerses the listener into the track. With lyrics such as “I don’t die for my women anymore// No, I kill for ‘em” and “Sweet like cinnamon// And I wanna make this so innocent// Belladonna, looks so innocent,” Xana has crafted the perfect song to play in the background of a sapphic drama or to be added to a dark-romance playlist. As the lead single from her upcoming album, “Better Kind Of Best Friend” gives longtime fans a taste of this new era while reeling in even more listeners to anticipate the project.

“Better Kind Of Best Friend” contains a captivating dark-pop production with fiery rock elements to form a perfect sensual anthem. The electrifying song kicks off with a muted guitar riff that keeps the treble but eliminates the sustain. Alongside a unique sound effect that emulates a vintage recording, this creates a mesmerizing sound that sets up the sultry atmosphere. The verse begins with Xana’s compelling vocals as the bass and the drum’s rim clicks are introduced. This continues into the pre-chorus, which is signified by the synth sound that controls the bass. When the chorus hits, the full production makes its appearance as the electric guitar plays the power chords in drop-c tuning. Xana utilizes a unique style, as this tuning usually uses more distortion than what is found here, making it harder to distinguish the drop-c. This highlights Xana’s experimental style, showcasing her unparalleled talent. Furthermore, throughout the song, specific phrases are emphasized by the powerful background vocals, bringing more focus to the seductive lyrics. As the song continues into the second verse, the production mimics the first verse with additional guitar melodies being played periodically. Then, the instrumentation in the pre-chorus decreases to amplify the explosion into the second chorus. As Xana reaches the bridge, the drop-c tuning makes itself more prevalent as the guitar uses only the low string instead of chords, enhancing the climax of the track. Xana’s lead vocals run through the chorus one final time before stating the lyric, “I kill for ‘em.” This transitions the song into the outro, where the production takes a complete shift. While a guitar solo and harmonizing vocals are heard subtly in the background, significant synth is utilized, bringing a spectacular close to the track. “Better Kind Of Best Friend” has every ingredient for a perfect dark-pop anthem, making it my favorite song of 2024 so far.


Xana is an independent dark-pop singer-songwriter based in Vancouver. She made her debut in 2020 with her single, “Goddess”. Since then, the track as over 13 million streams on Spotify alone and the artist has over 254K monthly listeners on the platform. In 2022, she released her debut album, Tantrums, and is set to release her sophomore album, The Sex Was Good Until It Wasn’t, on May 10th, 2024. Xana’s music is heavily influenced by artists such as Halsey, Lorde, and Taylor Swift. As a queer musician, Xana strives to make genre-bending songs that encompass themes of LGBTQ+ romance, female empowerment, sex positivity, and self-reflection and discovery. She hopes to be the role model that she could not find in her youth, encouraging her listeners to love and accept who they are. With the tightknit connection she holds with her fanbase, it is clear Xana has already made this meaningful impact. This summer, the artist will embark on The Sex Was Good Tour in select cities across the United States. Presale begins 2/21, with general sale to follow on 2/23. Check out the tour dates and get tickets here!

Written By Karlee Skipper



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