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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Better Left Unsaid" - George Crump

"Better Left Unsaid" is 80s nostalgia pop with contemporary singer/songwriter sensibilities. The collaboration between bassist and songwriter George Crump and singer Kathy Foster is a whirlwind of affection, yearning, and insecurity. There's kinetic energy in the production: driving synth bass, 80s drum machine, and a full-bodied chorus. However, Kathy Foster's vocal performance tints each surface blue. The airy softness of her voice is reminiscent of dream pop, bringing out the haziness of the synths. What ties together this push and pull is the cinematic vibe, glowing with mood and atmosphere. The result is a gorgeous, unabashedly queer pop song documenting the internal struggles pressuring a relationship. Through it all, the starry-eyed affection resonates most powerfully.

"We got married in a chapel, right then and there," Foster says through a smile, "in my brain." There's a melancholic contrast between the hopeful affection and guilt-ridden doubt. "I remember laying in our bed, asking you what we'd do next." You can feel the thrill of potential and intimacy, but the internal feelings of unease. Foster's vocal performance twists lines of yearning ("I want nothing more than to hold you in the pouring rain,") into somber regrets. "Some things are better left unsaid," she insists. In a world stuck between honeymoon and collapse, it's a call to embrace the certain feelings.

"Better Left Unsaid" is George Crump's first official single. The UK-based artist considers themself to be "a bassist who occasionally writes songs." They've previously toured with other bands and collaborated as a bassist. "Better Left Unsaid" arrives with a beautifully shot music video, edited and directed by Tiara Westlake. Both Crump and Foster appear in the video, performing side-by-side. Their single is described as the journey of navigating relationship-OCD. Crump posts updates - such as in-studio selfies, releases, and covers - on their instagram. "Better Left Unsaid" is an excellent pride month single with 80s pop flair.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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