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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Better Than This" - senses

Struggling with mental health often feels like an uphill battle, leaving those suffering to wonder if things will ever get better. Pop-rock duo senses speak to this in their latest single, "Better Than This," releasing an anthem that gives hope and explores resilience amidst mental health challenges. Lyrically, the pair express the difficulties of dealing with anxiety, depression, and everyday life. Incorporating an authentic message that will resonate with listeners, the raw track is highly relatable and provides an open discussion of feelings many of us face. A collaborative experience, "Better Than This" was written alongside singer-songwriter Keith Varon (The Aces, jxdn, Nightly).

Upbeat and energetic, senses have released a cathartic banger with "Better Than This." The track showcases the perfect pop-rock/pop-punk soundscape, featuring heavy-hitting drums, angsty melodies, and captivating guitar riffs that waffle between playful and face-melting. Delivering lines listeners can scream along to, Madison Taylor belts her heart out throughout "Better Than This," channeling her inner Hayley Williams. Seeming to draw inspiration from some pop-rock icons, the sound senses create is reminiscent of acts like Paramore, Tonight Alive, and Charlotte Sands.

Hailing from Los Angeles, senses began their journey when singer Madison Taylor met drummer Nick Sampson on Craigslist. The duo debuted in 2023 with their EP take me out of here, receiving praise from both fans and critics. Their singles "sleepwalking" and "gonna make sure" have earned recognition from the likes of MTV, NickMusic, Wonderland Magazine, Rolling Stone IN, AXS TV, and many more. The singles have also been supported on radio stations, like KROQ, idobi Radio, and DC101. If that isn't impressive enough, senses have received support from several editorial playlists, including Spotify's The Scene, The Locker, Pop Punk's Not Dead, and All New Punk. Some of their other popular releases include "novocain," "playing dead," and "one last time."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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