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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Better Type" - Coco Quinn

"I don't know how to reply," multi-talented artist Coco Quinn wilts on her latest single, "Better Type." The exquisite new track has all the hallmarks of a classic breakup ballad, but Quinn paints the picture in with unique and heartbreaking detail. Told by a boyfriend that long distance wasn't going to work, only for him to turn around and make it work with another girl; the Dance Moms alumni has good reason for being speechless. Lush strings and reverb-soaked piano cocoon her bafflement in the resulting sense of grief. "I'm left alone with my thoughts," she sings, "wondering where I went wrong." The cruelest part of his betrayal is the questions it left her with.

Left unresolved, Quinn rattles off questions in the place of concrete feelings. This direction perfectly captures the mental spiral in the wake of misplaced trust. "Why does love always hurt?" When she lands on this question, time briefly stops. Despite it's agony and confusion, it actually centers the song in a moment of clarity. Love can result in senseless pain, and nobody is immune to that, regardless of how perfect they try to be for someone. As she realizes, the ones who inflict that pain are often the least impacted by it. "How are you so alright; feel like I'm gonna die!" There's a brief silence before Quinn launches into the final chorus. Knowing there are no answers to respond with, it is the loudest of silences.

Coco Quinn first gained prominence for her appearance on Dance Moms. Displaying a talent for dancing, singing, acting, and modeling, the young star hasn't stopped at reality tv. Her long lists of credits range from playing a role on the Brat TV series, Chicken Girls, being featured on multiple mainstream media broadcasts, and garnering over nine-million streams on Spotify. Musically, Quinn has received attention for her covers, well-shot music videos, and original songs. "Better Type" arrives following major buzz from pre-release teasers on Tiktok. The single was co-written with industry titan, Zach Sorgen.

Written By Andy M.

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