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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Big Love" - The Eves

Did you know that love can literally heal pain? According to a study from Stanford University, the “warm and fuzzy” feeling created by love elicits the same response from the brain as do painkillers. An added benefit is that this natural feeling does not have any harmful side effects. Life can be unpredictable. Sometimes it takes its iron fist and knocks you down. A Scottish pop duo called The Eves wrote a song about how receiving “Big Love” can help heal pain and pull you through life’s unfortunate events.

I liked the build up in the verses and chorus. The verses are upbeat but still soft. As the verse progresses, the music gets faster until there is a big burst on the chorus. It is almost as if the music is illustrating the message of the song. That is, you’re pushed down by life and picked back up by love. I also liked the electronic sound of the song because it gives the music a good dance beat. Even though the words address a heavy subject, the song still manages to be light and happy.

Once two solo acts, Marissa Keltie and Caroline Gilmour formed The Eves in 2018. The pair has stayed hard at work. Not even a worldwide pandemic can slow them down! In 2020, they had the privilege of working with Lewis Gardiner, a producer who has worked with other members of pop royalty such as Nick Jonas. The Eves collaborated with Gardiner on many songs, one of them being a single called “Love Will Find You” that was released in August 2020.

Written By Kelli Dixon



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