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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "Blame Me" - EDIE

EDIE proves she is not someone to mess with on her 2022 debut single “Blame Me.” The fuzzy guitar laced track is for anyone who feels they've lost themselves in a relationship. It’s the feeling of giving up part of yourself and having to shudder that away for someone else to please them. EDIE lets us know that you shouldn’t have to give up those pieces of yourself for someone to like you, and to not let someone break you down or underestimate you. “Blame Me” is about taking the control back and letting the world know to not underestimate you.

“Blame Me” has a guitar heavy instrumental that stays tame during the verses, but when the chorus comes in, it roars to life. The track also features very blunt lyricism about the different sides of a situation in which someone is trying to dull you, “I can’t look at my own reflection // I can’t listen to my voice // You made me see all my imperfections // Red flags were just noise.” But, in the end finding a way to get back what you’ve lost because of them, “I’m gonna make you sorry that you ever loved me.” EDIE is here to let this person know they’re “not their doll.”

EDIE is an artist based in Australia. “Blame Me” is her first single, which was independently released, and is the first of many to come. This is just the start of her career, but EDIE comes equipped with a roaring pop-punk sound, a soaring voice, and unabashedly unapologetic lyrics. Keep her on your radar, as she is definitely going to be an artist on the rise.

Written By Kyle Stiver



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