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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "Blame My Brain" - Nette

The first words we hear are “Blame my brain, don’t blame me.” Nette’s “Blame My Brain” is a fun way of detaching your actions from yourself/body. It was my brain, not me. I can’t control the thing. Nette also proclaims “Maybe it’s how I was raised.” The grand old “nature vs nurture” argument. Nette implores her love interest to see past her actions and try to understand that her habits that she has are written into her DNA at this point in her life. It’s not necessarily a reflection of how she feels about her love, but how she processes love or even the prospect of it. It’s a sad tale of unhealed past traumas rearing their head and affecting her future.

“It’s ingrained, I can’t change. It’s instinctual.” Nette is fully convinced that she is set in her ways atop a killer beat and instrumental. It makes the listener want to dance but also makes us question why she feels this way. She speculates throughout the chorus - “Maybe it’s how I was raised or how I dealt with the pain.” So, we get a glimpse into the cause of this feeling of hopelessness and despair. Regarding the inspiration behind the song, Nette has stated “If you ever thought you might be a little dysfunctional - don't worry it's not you! It's your brain! Blame My Brain was written and produced by Nette and The Renaissance and is a fun, sparkly swiftie-inspired pop jam about our silly brains.” Relationships are a tricky venture to embark upon but can be well worth it with the right person. Perhaps Nette feels she has found that right person but recognizes that she still has some work to do herself to also be the right person for them. So, while it can be seen as self-deprecating, these lyrics can also be seen as therapeutic, Nette is realizing a problem and that’s the first step to recovery. Perhaps, this was her first step in the right direction towards healing her inner child that dealt with the pain the only way they knew how. This song can be seen as Nette’s way of asking her love to be patient with her, to look beyond the surface of her wayward actions and see who she really is, underneath it all. There are so many ways to broach this subject and Nette leaves the door open for any and all interpretations with the lyrics as well as the music behind this banger.

Nette is a singer, songwriter, and producer whose career blossomed in Vancouver, Canada amidst her receiving listening ears thanks to her quirky storytelling and impeccable vocals. Nette has described herself as someone who writes and produces “cute little pop songs.” Her musical style is most often associated with mainstream pop music that is energetic as well as moody. Nette’s songs are described as covering a wide array of subjects such as self-discovery, self-doubt, and the all too familiar personal struggles. Nette describes herself as a girls’ girl and has been breaking into the music scene as both a producer and singer since 2021. Nette’s online presence boasts hundreds of thousands of followers across Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Tik Tok, and YouTube. If you don’t mind blaming Nette’s brain for this banger and want to hear more from her brain, follow her at the socials below!

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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