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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Blinded By Love" - Bad Boyfriend x Jamie Deraz

Bad Boyfriend and Jamie Deraz team up once again to set the summer on fire with “Blinded By Love.” This song is a reflection of the intense passion that ensues with a summer love. Connections ebb and flow, but a summer love stays with you like a permanent tan. With powerful desire comes reckless abandonment as the sun sets. A fleeting romance is a double-edged sword because time flies but the connection feels never-ending. “Blinded By Love” reminds us of the carefree bliss that follows falling deep when more than the summer heats up. It’s okay to protect yourself with SPF and big sunglasses, but sometimes when everything falls into place, it’s okay to look directly into the sun.

“Blinded By Love” is an uptempo pop/dance track that perfectly mirrors the highs and lows of summer love. The lyrics dive deep into the reverie of a fleeting romance that commenced under the beating sun. The production firmly drives the message home as the music builds just like the longing for someone you left in the dark. The vocals replicate the yearning tone of missing someone you never fully had. Jamie Deraz and Bad Boyfriend collaborated on this new summer track that is featured on “New Music Friday Deutshland.” “Blinded By Love” is sure to get you on your feet, dancing in the wind, and as the waves crash, and the beaches close down, don’t forget to smile when you start reminiscing about an old summer flame.

Jamie Deraz is a singer/songwriter who crafts her lyrics based on real life experiences and raw emotion. She captures each moment through picturesque language and sorrowful cadence. The Long Island native’s blissful nature pairs with her melancholy vocal to create a distinct emotional ambivalence. Bad Boyfriend is an Electronic Pop/Dance artist. Bad Boyfriend’s discography exclusively includes collaborations with Jamie Deraz. Jamie Deraz and Bad Boyfriend have worked on many projects in the past. Their single, “In & Out,” was featured on Spotify’s Pop Brandneu for 4 weeks straight. Jamie has released over 150 tracks since she first made her debut in in 2019, amassing over 17 million total streams through her originals and collabs. As an avid influence in the music industry, she hopes that her music will echo around the world. “Blinded By Love” is the song of the summer that reminds us it’s okay to be swept up in the summer breeze, and let the sun be a reminder that even the brightest ball of fire leaves us cold at night.

Written By Grace Chapman




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