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  • Liam Dun

Review: "Bloom" - Melanie Wehbe

Growing up in Sweden, Melanie Wehbe learned at a young age that music was her most genuine avenue of self expression. Since her childhood, Melanie has blossomed as a songwriter, with writing credits on multiple songs to reach the number one spot on both Spotify and the radio. Melanie has also written two songs for entry into Eurovision, as well as music for the winner of Swedish idol. Despite her acclaim as a songwriter, Melanie has only just released her debut EP, “Bloom” behind a string of singles dating back to 2016. Her experience within the music industry is apparent in the production of the project, as the beautifully orchestrated instrumentals and Wehbe’s immense vocal talent have led to her being proclaimed one of Sweden’s best hidden talents.

“Bloom” is a project dedicated to growth and change as a person (blooming, if you will), a fitting topic accompanying Wehbe’s journey from a behind the scenes contributor to becoming a well known artist in her own right. The title track hits on numerous pitfalls of self actualization–the insecurity that accompanies freely expressing yourself and the struggle to find love for yourself beyond that of external forces. Despite her desire to find herself, Wehbe does seek comfort and familiarity, which takes the form of a partner. Wehbe makes it clear that this person is her safe space, her “paradise” where she can find her inner peace and grow as a person. Wehbe’s adoration for this person makes an important point about what bettering yourself truly means. It is not a process inherently reliant on stark individuality, but instead one that can depend on outside forces we cannot control. In this way, she likens life to a flower, needing the right circumstances in which to bloom.

The instrumental supporting Wehbe is a gorgeously arranged composition. The instrumental is carried by a lush string section playing long, sustained chords, with a piano adding a sense of rhythm and motion in the background. The choruses see the majority of the instruments drop out, leaving only the strings, underscoring the raw emotion of Wehbe’s vocals. The verse then features the return of the rhythm section, with the addition of a chugging guitar and the initial entry of the drums. The poignancy of the strings and piano juxtaposed against the energy of the guitar and drums evokes a feeling of confidence despite the sentimentality of the song’s subject matter. There is a determination in Wehbe’s desire to grow and find herself, regardless of what that might entail.

Written By Liam Dun



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