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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Blue Eyed Boy" - AVIV

"Blue Eyed Boy" comes as the latest release and second single of 2023 by pop singer, AVIV. The dream pop production and gentle vocals tell the story of the 'blue eyed boy' that she fell for and then watched fade away. The music kept me engaged from the start. If you like songs that draw you in, that resonate with you, that feel like reading pages of a diary, then "Blue Eyed Boy" is one that you should give a listen. It was my first glimpse into the work of AVIV, and her talent shown through the whole song. The lyrics, vocals, and production worked together to create a track that truly felt ethereal.

The track sharply begins, and then, AVIV's voice softly comes in as she sings about meeting this 'blue eyed boy,' being taken to his garden, and feeling something different between them. In the first chorus, she sings "Dear mister blue eyed boy / Who runs in the rain like it's summer / And never gets cold / But simply won't run home." After, the track takes a turn as AVIV recalls the boy fading away, leaving her frozen, and their bond being broken. The second version of the chorus, she sings about he would rather kiss her than talk "Cause it feels like a chore / With our clothes on the floor." The dynamic instrumentation that built across the song fit perfectly with the feeling of falling in and out love, of fading in and out of a relationship, of starting and losing their potential.

Toronto-born singer-songwriter, AVIV, takes inspiration from artists like Elliott Smith, Lorde and Radiohead. Her lyricism is focused on relatability and authenticity. She grew up surrounded by music and got her start with learning piano and guitar. She is signed to Photo Finish Records in the United States and Dine Alone Records in Canada. If you're a fan of indie pop artists like beabadoobee, Clairo, Gracie Abrams, or Ashe, I highly recommend taking a listen to "Blue Eyed Boy" and other releases by AVIV. You can keep up with all the latest news surrounding her music by clicking the social media links below.

Written By Sydney Gray



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