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  • Adelae Norwood

Review: "Blue" - Josie Edie May

Many people dream about falling in love, and while for most it eventually becomes a reality, it doesn’t always feel real at first. “Blue” by Josie Edie May captures the awestruck feeling of realizing you’re falling in love and the other person loves you back. It’s a bright and lighthearted love song that transports the listener to the beginning of what feels like real love. Through its production, vocals, and lyricism, “Blue” elicits a joyful, dreamlike soundspace, celebratorily bringing the listener into the sweet beginnings of a starry-eyed romance.

The production of “Blue” elevates the starry-eyed atmosphere with light notes, acoustics, and airy trumpets that complement May’s vocals. The lyricsim is very creative and captures the essence of the song’s story well. In lines such as “the lights in your eyes are out with space/and your eyes are the world turning in place,” May evokes the feeling of awe that often accompanies the beginning of falling in love. She furthers this in the line “magnets turning into superglue/and I can’t keep my eyes off you,” cementing the reality of their romance within the realization that it’s mutual. The music itself induces a summery, dreamlike ambience that perfectly accompanies the lyricism, entirely placing the listener into the number’s emotional state. In the chorus, May compares her old self to the version of herself she’s become in the relationship, which is seen in the line “who would've thought/that I'd say words that are not sarcastic in the slightest.” This is then followed by an amazed “you think that I'm the brightest one of them all,” further showing her wondrous delight at falling into a seemingly perfect kind of love.

Josie Edie May is a 21-year-old singer and songwriter from Suffolk, and is currently based in Brighton. She’s largely inspired by artists such as Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers, Maisie Peters, and Kasey Musgraves. “Blue” is her newest single, and contrasts her last two releases as it is a positive and honest song about young love. May utilized sounds from the Brighton Pier arcade to enhance the number, which ultimately celebrates the simplicity of falling in love. Though May may be new to the music scene, she possesses talent far beyond her years and is sure to make an impact through her music.

Written By Adelae Norwood



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