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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Blueprint" - Abi Muir

“Blueprint” delves into the confusing aftermath that comes from realizing nobody can compare to the last person you gave your heart to. After your last breakup, you find yourself unable to move on in any significant way. Guys introduce themselves and your friends set you up on dates, but nothing seems to stick. The existence of other men reminds you that they simply are not him. They parade themselves as stand up guys who are worth your time, but are they really? Maybe the only way for them to compare is to behave exactly like he did. That intoxicating look about him always remains in your memories. However, they can’t just be somewhat similar to him. They need to be carbon copies of your past love, and maybe then you could entertain them. But you will always latch onto him and know deep down that other people can’t fit the blueprint he left.

“Blueprint” is an energetic alt pop anthem that both contrasts and compliments that lyrical narrative. While first listening to this single, it is clear that the narrator is in a stump, unable to look at her other guy options. However, the upbeat instrumentals and sweet and higher register vocals tell a seemingly different story. The energetic nature comes together with lyrics such as “No competition, you already won the race”. While it is difficult for her to find a new partner, she remembers her ex so fondly that he is now a permanent blueprint in her life. She remembers him with an enthusiasm that is reflective in the energetic pop melody. There is a slight reverb throughout the single that is prominent in the instrumentals. The vocals are less influenced by this and are primarily left alone and stand out. Her impressive vocal display ties each element together.

Abi Muir is a singer-songwriter from Scotland and currently based in Australia. Throughout her early career, she participated in and won many music award shows such as the 2020 Cairns Regional Council Australia Day Junior Cultural Award. Her debut single “Heebiejeebies” in 2019 has skyrocketed her career into participating in various awards. Her music style typically gravitates to energetic and dreamy singles that are heavily lyric-focused. She often uses her own life experiences to create unique music experiences. She is inspired by artists such as Ariana Grande, Sabrina Carpenter, and Mimi Webb. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “Blueprint” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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