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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "Body" - Royal Drue

Royal Drue is known for her songwriting about female empowerment and more recently sexual liberation. In her new single “Body”, Royal Drue “Wants to remove the stigma that female masturbation is dirty or taboo”. Through her music, the artist shows off her vulnerability and speaks up about topics that might make others uncomfortable. Royal Drue claims, “If the intimacy of these lyrics makes people uncomfortable, then maybe that's proving the point”. Her recently released single, “Body” is an empowering track with a strong message for her listeners. “Body” is making loving and exploring your body more normalized in a fun and catchy way with captivating lyrics and an infectious dance beat. Listeners won’t be able to keep their hands off this track.

Royal Drue delivers yet another strong empowering message in her new single “Body”.

Her latest single before this, “Cinderella” aims at the idea that “You can be who you want to be”. Now “Body” is a single surrounded by positive feelings of self-love. This newest release by Royal Drue is helping to get rid of expectations for women and inspire others in the process. “Body” does so using a hypnotic melody and captivating lyrics. It's a feel-good song, with a catchy chorus to belt right alongside the artist. Once you hear "I know myself too well", expect to be blown away by the high-energy chorus that comes next. With lyrics like, “I can't keep my hands off myself” and “I'm loving every feeling that I feel”, Royal Drue wants everyone else to know it's okay to love themselves.

Royal Drue is a Singer, Songwriter, and Pop artist based in Melbourne. The artist has seen massive success in her music career at 25 years old. She has shared the same stage as top artists like Baker Boy, Emily Williams, and Client Liason, as well as played some of the biggest venues in Australia. Royal Drue is currently the lead singer and vocal director of the rising Gospel/Techno crossover project Sunshine and the Disco Faith Choir. Royal Drue’s music and stage presence is Influenced by legendary artists such as Lady Gaga, P!nk, and Taylor Swift. Right now, the artist has two singles released, one of them including “Body” which was released in late September 2022, followed by “Cinderella” released earlier in June 2022.

Written By Jenna Barton



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