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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "Bonnie & Clyde" - Alexandra

Alexandra wonders what it would be like to find her ride or die in her new track, "Bonnie & Clyde." The track is ready to be blasted out of the speakers of your car on a warm summer night, with the windows down too of course. The track follows Alexandra as she imagines going for the ride of her life with a person who might not be the best for her. As they blow down the highway at 95 mph, she feels free, and even a little self destructive, just like the two the track is named after.

The track is pop centered, but with elements of country music twisted into it. The instrumental features instruments like electric guitar, an atmospheric-like synth, drums, and at the front Alexandra's addictive voice. Alexandra also experiments with practical sounds, one of which is the sound of a truck starting. The lyricism depicts imagining yourself with a person who isn't your typical type, but at the same time wanting something that feels wild and free, "My friends always ask why I fall for the same kind of guys // Who say their favorite band is The 1975 // Drive a little too fast take advantage that I'm down for the ride // Can't say I'd hate it // Always wondered what it'd be..." To imagining actually going with this person, feeling like they are your ride or die, and becoming a little self destructive with them, "Like to be shotgun ridin' going 95 // Stop at a Speedway, grab a pack of Marlboro lights // You and I would be smoking guns // So damn fun // But dressed in pretty white lies // I think I know why // We romanticize, Bonnie and Clyde." Alexandra goes into the idea of feeling you're playing life a little too safe, "Life's such a gift, and I was the golden child // Playing it way too safe." She even makes a slick reference to the movie "Grease" in the second verse, "Give me a pink jacket, I'll be your Sandy tonight." Letting us know this night will be iconic.

Alexandra is an indie-pop singer based in Dallas, Texas. She is currently working on her debut EP which will feature the track "Bonnie & Clyde." It follows earlier singles, "Bad Stuff" in 2020, and "Winter" in 2021. Alexandra describes her goal in life is to "merge her life-long love affair of live performance with layered vocals and compelling lyricism to finally release these stories into the world." With "Bonnie & Clyde," Alexandra's EP is shaping up to be a promising start to a massive career.

Written By Kyle Stiver



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