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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Bored (feat. Colie Hutzler)" - Alexa Villa

Once upon a time, there was a friend who humble bragged about their dad’s Benz, pulled drama out of thin air and hated on people because they felt like it. Alexa Villa lays all of her angst out on the table in her new song “Bored”, featuring Colie Hutzler, a hardcore punk rock anthem that threads together a story many are unfortunately familiar with: a tumultuous friendship. One that causes unnecessary stress from drama that was struck up on one side and instantaneously put out by the other. Throughout the single, Alexa and Colie narrate what it was like going through friendship torment and indicate that the only plausible reason for such hatred to surface is because that person is bored. Her song is an open book, calling out those who have wronged her in the past, allowing listeners to relate. But it’s not to be mistaken as a pity song, because just like the first line of the song states, she does better in the end.

Angsty pop/punk music is now reminiscent of the past with its popularity being in the early 2000’s. But like every trend, it came back around, and “Bored” is one of the many that pays a great tribute to that genre. In their true pop/punk fashion, Alexa Villa and Colie Hutzler have the powerhouse vocals to match the song’s energy, capturing the ears of listeners from the first lyric. As the instrumentals meet their voices and the lyrics, the anger is shown in the hearty chorus, “Don’t hate me cause you’re bored/ Misery’s a chore/ If you could focus all that energy on yourself instead of me/ How pretty your world would be.” Music is a form of venting for people, and with its hardcore drums, convulsive electric guitar and irritable lyrics, Alexa and Colie do just that in her karma-lit single, “Bored.”

Born and raised in San Diego, Alexa Villa is a Mexican American singer, songwriter and producer now based in Los Angeles. Coming from a family of dreamers, Alexa grew up in a musician household that followed their dreams, performing in bars and clubs throughout San Diego. Her upbringing has encouraged her to also follow her musical desires and chase after her passion. Since releasing her first debut album in 2017, she has released many singles and has composed songs for other artists, commercials and films. She has also opened for many well-known musicians such as Alec Benjamin, Ryan Cabrera and The Darkness. Not only can she write, sing and perform, but she also has instrumental talent —playing guitar, synth and is classically trained on piano. Alexa Villa is definitely a name to have on your radar, as she is a laser beam burning through the walls of the music industry and climbing her way to the top.

Written By Amanda Palacios



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