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  • Ari Schweitzer

Review: "Both Sides" - Maura Whitman

Perhaps one of the most widely sympathized struggles in the last few years of pandemic mayhem has been mental health. It’s no surprise that many artists have begun to express their battle and share their experiences through their craft. A brilliant example of this storytelling is Maura Whitman’s 2022 EP Introspection where she intertwines sensitive and personal topics through catchy pop tunes and uplifting instrumentals. The EP’s closing track “Both Sides” explores one of the many aspects of mental health struggles: the constant battle between our own inner dialogues and beliefs.

“Both Sides” begins with uplifting synth pads before Whitman opens the discussion of her struggles through beautiful vocals. When you think the chorus has hit with “all I ever wanted was for both sides of my heart to feel the same way”, the song keeps ramping the energy up in an almost unexpected fashion all the way to the climax of “both sides, caught in the middle of my mind”. It's like the song continues to defy your expectations, almost metaphorical for how Whitman has persevered through her struggles despite hardships and self doubt. The production of the song compliments the EP’s themes with the intentional choice of leaving out sampled percussion in exchange for only electronic and synthetic sounds. This gives the track an ethereal feeling, representative of how the struggle Whitman sings about happens in a place inside of us that we can’t show to the real world.

Maura Whitman’s talent is no joke, and her discography of ambitious singles is only heightened by her EP. Nova Scotia’s most promising young songwriter has proven herself in her time sharing the stage with notable industry names like Neon Dreams and Loud Luxury, as well as collaborating with Grammy award winner Gordie Sampson. This Acadia University singer/songwriter definitely will be catching eyes and making waves as she continues forward with her musical career.

Written By Ari Schweitzer

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