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  • Victoria James

Review: "Boudoir Tears" - Pixia

If you love Gossip Girl, Pinterest, and Lana Del Rey, Pixia believes her music is meant for you. Her new release, “Boudoir Tears” is for the people with good yet expensive taste. It’s for go-getters who know what they want and work hard to get it. “Boudoir Tears” is about seizing an opportunity and finding a way to make the most out of an unlucky situation. In the song, she sings: “I’ll make perfume out of these boudoir tears,” perfectly encapsulating her ambitious attitude. Not only does Pixia have drive, but she has an edge, and she owns it. She wants you to know that things aren’t always what they appear. She may look and sound sweet, but she proves that assumption wrong when she hints at a dangerous side. Pixia is not afraid to get messy, but “Boudoir Tears” is polished.

“Boudoir Tears” is a thrilling new song with impressive production. The instrumental is unique and whimsical and sounds like it belongs on the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack. The lyrics tell a story, and her voice makes the song even more exciting to hear. The lyrics are thought-provoking and fun to sing along to. Pixia’s singing style is similar to Halsey's, and it fits perfectly with the song's vibe. “Boudoir Tears” is mischievous and cheeky, and Pixia has an expressive tone that clues listeners in on her emotions. She shows off her daring personality with the song’s catchy and quirky chorus. Pixia has a bright career ahead of her, and "Boudoir Tears" is a great introduction to her artistry and what she can do.

Pixia is a singer-songwriter based in London. She grew up performing for musical theater productions and talent competitions in the UK before becoming an artist. Pixia started by creating demos on her laptop and writing lyrics in her bedroom. Her music is heavily inspired by 80s electro-pop and darkwave and has been defined by her mesmerizing vocals and poetic lyrics. Several artists who inspire her sound are Lana Del Rey, Melanie Martinez, Halsey, and Lykke Li. She released ‘Morphia,’ her dark alt-pop debut EP, in 2021. Soon after, she released her single ‘If I’m On Your Mind.’ Her releases have amassed over 600,000 streams on Spotify. Pixia is currently performing at venues in London and working on new projects, including her sophomore EP. She is also studying at a music school to further improve her craft.

Written By Victoria James


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