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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Boys Will Be Boys" - Maryon King

With the common saying "Boys Will Be Boys" taking its place as the title, Maryon King says stop excusing boys for their actions, puts womanizing men into the track's spotlight, and gives them the middle finger. She calls out all of the womanizers and ignites the feminist spirit with this catchy song, both powerful in melody and meaning. The song builds and gives us insight into the toxic part of modern situationships. With "Boys Will Be Boys" we can confidently say it's 2022; we hold boys responsible for their actions, and Maryon King does just that with an empowering track.

"Boys Will Be Boys" is a playful and empowering pop track, establishing itself with Maryon King's soulful vocals and irresistible dance melody. The song talks about certain boys taking advantage of girls, telling them they want more than just something physical and then finding out that it was all a lie. King is overcoming the pain of going through these types of relationships, growing more confident and saying, "it's not my fault". They "turn you to toys and play with your emotions" and she writes this song to say, hey, it's never going to be different with them; they'll never change. "Boys Will Be Boys" is the first single from her upcoming debut EP, "Back to Strangers" which aims to give us a collection of King's life, rising from a time of heartbreak with a new confident aura.

Maryon King is determined and powerful. Her musical journey is unique; switching from pursuing a traditional career path of studying languages to studying music; she has always worked hard to make her way into the music scene. She's been in love with music since she was young, and now as she immerses herself in the field, she only grows more powerful and iconic. She has heartfelt lyricism, captivating melodies, and a voice like no other-- no wonder she's garnering fans like bees to honey. Her skill and natural musical talent are truly an act to watch.

Written by Jane Katryn



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