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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Break Your Heart" - Renzo Reinhardt

"You can't find love inside of me," Renzo Reinhardt sings on the bridge of his second single, "Break Your Heart." It's not an admission of apathy, but an expression of loss. The space where vibrant feelings were once stored now holds only vacant space. The driving force behind "Break Your Heart" is Reinhardt's all-out vocal performance. Where the synthesizers melt together with the instrumentation, like a tie-dye shirt that's paled in the wash, the singer/songwriter's voice stands starkly against the atmospheric backdrop. A disco-lite drum machine keeps the energy set to the dancefloor, but there's no mistaking the sting of heartbreak. Reinhardt cites 80's alternative as a major inspiration for his music, and nowhere is that more evident than in the presentation of emotions: a bold, vibrant declaration of his fragile state.

"I don't wanna live a lie, but I don't wanna waste your time," Reinhardt opens "Break Your Heart" with. It's a strange dichotomy most particular in the mutual exclusivity of these two states of being. Being honest, in this instance, means potentially going their separate ways. "Break Your Heart" takes place at the most uncertain time in a relationship, when love starts to challenge itself as familiarity brings out dissonance. Opening your heart up to someone, as Reinhardt discovers, means sustaining the possibility that you might hurt them. "I don't wanna break your heart that way," he belts on the chorus. What do you do when you still love someone, but toxicity is unavoidably seeping into the relationship?

2024 marks the debut for new artist Renzo Reinhardt. Only a week before the release of "Break Your Heart," the artist released his debut single, "Another Day." Born of Cuban/Peruvian descent, Reinhardt developed his musical identity through the nostalgic sounds of the 1980's. Echoing the likes of Hall & Oates and Pat Benetar, the singer/songwriter's vocals match many of their standout performances. "There are no rules of who I can be at this point in my life," he states of his upcoming journey. Abandoning the rules, Reinhardt is paving his own path with unique and distinctive sounds and honest, confessional lyricism.

Written By Andy M.

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