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  • Victoria James

Review: "Breaking Free" - Rebecca Sichon

Unhealthy habits and thoughts can make us feel trapped in a cage with no way out, but Rebecca Sichon learns to fly with zero restraints in her new song “Breaking Free.” The song is about finally realizing your worth and not holding yourself back any longer from exploring what the world has to offer. “Breaking Free” is the empowering anthem we need to give us the strength to be independent. Rebecca sings about her desire to be free and tells herself to just let go of the toxic relationship she has with herself so she can reach her fullest potential. She is tired of morphing herself to fit the standard and unrealistic expectations that society has drilled into our heads, and wants to express herself authentically. “Breaking Free” is for everyone who needs to hear that it is okay to love yourself just the way you are. Rebecca reminds us that you don't have to fit a certain mold to be happy, beautiful and successful.

Rebecca Sichon blesses our ears with her slow-tempo ballad, “Breaking Free.” Her voice is smooth like silk, and her vocal runs elevate the record. Her raw emotion, lower tone, and the faint grit in her voice are reminiscent of the late Amy Winehouse, who happened to be one of Rebecca Sichon’s favorite artists growing up. She delivers a vocal performance that is both vulnerable and powerful. The passion and depth in her voice do not go unnoticed. The instrumental is timeless, as the drumbeat and a steady bass create a familiar yet comforting bluesy sound. ”Breaking Free” is a song worth melting into because Rebecca's voice and the bass guitar pair so well together. The soulful sound lifts you from your feet and carries you to a special place. It empowers you while simultaneously tugging on your heartstrings.

Canadian musician Rebecca Sichon began singing at a young age, learned piano at age seven, and even taught herself how to play the guitar and ukulele at twelve. She grew up listening to classical, jazz, French, and Eastern European folk music her Ukrainian parents would play but discovered R&B on her own. H.E.R., Alicia Keys, and Amy Winehouse were among her early favorites. She is primarily an R&B artist, but she believes her music is a mix of the many genres that inspire her. The Vancouver artist has been writing and recording music since she was nineteen and has released over 11 singles and two EPs. She calls her songs “Musical Diary Entries” because she uses her day-to-day feelings and experiences to inspire her writing. In 2022, Rebecca toured Canada, performing from Vancouver to Montreal, and hopes to release her debut album in late fall 2024.

Written By Victoria James

Revised by Kaitlyn Nicole


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