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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "breakup song" - Laura Marano

In ‘breakup song’, Laura Marano puts a compelling twist on the classic breakup anthem. She delves into the conflicting emotions she felt surrounding a relationship that she didn’t want to end. “Everybody saying I should be working through the pain...but I, I’d rather have you than write a breakup song about you.” Ironically, she's doing everything in her power not to put her pen on the paper. Turns out the inspiration that hit was too enticing for Marano to pass up, and I wholeheartedly agree! By finally allowing herself to write the song, she finds this beautiful catharsis that mends her crushed spirit. Grab some tissues because you’re about to experience the healing journey firsthand!

Marano kicks things off with a lighthearted piano ballad accompanied by hi-hats, synths and the sound of falling water droplets. With a quick maneuver, the room is emotionally charged and ready to move you. Then Marano slams you with cleverly crafted lyrics that double down on her unrelenting desire to keep the relationship alive. “I feel myself closing off to the thought of getting closure for us...wish I had writer’s block about you.” It’s clear that this breakup was an excruciating weight on her heart. Evoking such deep sorrow, Marano’s vocals effortlessly flow out of her and nail a happy medium between intimacy and power. With a soft moment of acceptance at the end, she leaves you mesmerized and longing for more!

If you watched the Disney Channel in the early 2010s, you'll likely recognize Laura Marano as Ally from the hit series Austin & Ally. As a singer/songwriter both on and off the screen, Marano’s lively, heart-on-the-sleeve penmanship is her way of creating catharsis for herself and her audience. Featured in Netflix originals like The Perfect Date and The Royal Treatment, her acting career continues to prosper alongside her music career. Her new single ‘breakup song’ is a wonderful addition to the 2 EPs and 100+ songs she’s written over the years. From watching Marano as a kid to now rediscovering her music as an adult, I’m thrilled to see what's next for her!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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