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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Broken Pieces" - Amanda Nolan

As humans, we feel like every rip, tear and shattered piece about us is unfixable. Most people cling to finding conditional love through other people with the hopes of getting patched up; others hold onto their faith for rescuing. Amanda Nolan is one of the latter, singing about how she seeks after God when encountering difficult life moments in her song, “Broken Pieces.” An uplifting gospel-pop single, sharing a testament to how God’s unconditional love was the one thing that made her become whole again. Something one can only find through believing in Him. Her lyrics are an encouraging message to listeners that there is someone out there who loves you despite your brokenness. Someone who wants to take your broken pieces, fashion them into art and hang them high up in a gallery.

It is a fundamentally well-known fact that there is power in music. Whether that’s from the lyrics or the instrumental buildup, music holds the ability to speak to us in ways other things or people cannot. “Broken Pieces” is powered by both its inspirational lyrical content and production, instantly sending emotional shivers from your head to your toes. Amanda Nolan’s compellingly honeyed voice, sweetly conveys her victorious chorus, “I give you all my broken pieces/ With You I know I can leave it/ You’re the God of stained glass miracles/ You’re making all things beautiful/ I give you all my broken pieces/ And you put them back together.” Motivation also drips from the track’s instrumentation, flavored by nectarous acoustic guitar chords, tangy electric strums and rich synthetic beats; working together to create a delicious masterpiece.

Amanda Nolan is a Christian singer-songwriter, who has had a love and passion for music her whole life. Knowing that music makes an impact, she decided she wanted to pursue it and began teaching herself guitar and piano—eventually leading her to songwriting. Music quickly became her dream, and she spent many nights in her room writing. Times would get lonely for her though, as she soon developed severe depression and anxiety. But it was in her darkest times when she found Jesus who guided her through the dark tunnel and into the light. From then on, Amanda knew that she wanted to write songs that glorified God while helping others who go through similar trials. Her first single, “Broken Pieces” shows this, sharing her testimony and acting as an encouragement for listeners. Artists like Amanda Nolan are what the music world needs. Someone who is fearless and brave enough to use their platform for a greater purpose. Whether that is faith or just a simple uplifting message. Amanda Nolan is a breath of fresh air in the smoggy industry, helping the world one song at a time.

Written By Amanda Palacios



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