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  • Jaylice Mitchell

Review: "Built For This" - Krystof

“Built for This” by KRYSTOF is this almost somber pop song, which isn’t a demerit to the song itself, the sad and almost despairing tone the song sets, really pulls you into the emotions and meanings behind it. The song lays it out clear as day. When your heart has been broken, so many times, how are you? Sure you even have the capacity to love anymore? To keep trying and going heartbreak after heartbreak? To anyone who’s had a love life that’s been less than fruitful. This song is something you can relate to on innermost personal level.

This song really tugs on the heart strings in a really realistic way as the beginning of the song shows how the narrator of the song, is trying their best to keep going but how they struggle to do so with all his heart as been through. this only continues within the next part of the song, the indecisiveness clearly shown even if they’ve been at this for awhile, it isn’t easy and love is confusing. then the chorus sweeps in, in a soft way that makes your heart ache as you reflect on past heartbreaks. it has you questioning what if you’ll never find your happy ending? your true love? what if this was a string of misfortunes and your heart isn’t meant for much more? Missing out on love can feel like missing out on special parts of your life leaving you feeling static. Everyone else is in love so why aren’t you able to do the same? The next part sweeps in echoing familiar tones of vulnerability just as the rest of the song did. Jumping into love only to be left cold and alone, which is something no one should have to go through. Everyone deserves a chance to fall in love and stay in love. Finally, the chorus sweeps back in and overtakes you with feelings of all the what ifs you have in love. What if you’ll never find the one, What if you’ll miss out on life? This is exactly why the songs moves me so personally, the relatability and the way the tone of the song pulls at your heartstrings is enough to get you feeling just as sad as this song is wrote. Krystof only furthers this element with his soft, and calming vocals as he tells the tale of heartbreak. he’s such a talented performer and this is the type of thing you just have to see live in action.

KRYSTOF, is 21 years old who talent and creativity shine through. Hailing from the town of St. Georgen am Längsee in Carinthia, with a family just as musical as he is. At only 14 years old, he had already taken his steps into songwriting, and other musical abilities. At seventeen he had came out with his debut single 'Tears&Tonic' placing itself in the 20th spot on the Austrian Shazam charts, and on iTunes charts. He also appeared on shows like 'Guten Morgen Österreich,' and had amazing moments situated at the Klagenfurt Concert Hall, and many others where he could clearly showcase his artistic talent. which is why it’s no surprise he’s received. Praise from Sasha Alex Sloan herself, who’s worked with many stars like Katy Perry and Camila Cabello. he’s also caught the attention of DJ David Guetta for his cover of "I'm Good". The talent and passion just shines through while you listen to his works and it’s clear that he has a very promising career. You can tell there is such care and real human emotion behind the art that he creates and if you’re looking for more just as I am, keep connected with KRYSTOF on the social media links below!

Written By Jaylice Mitchell



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