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  • Troy J Sica

Review: "Burden to Bear" - Sam Marke

If you ever felt like you can't speak your mind and everything or anything you say or do is wrong or disrespectful then, "Burden to Bear," by Sam Marke is the perfect song for you. With the combination of the beautiful, heart-tugging melodic lyrics with the somber, enticing piano and electronic accompaniment it truly makes this song an anthem to those who have autism or anyone who feels nervous/scared to say/do something with the thought of being judged based on their own uniqueness.

"Burden to Bear" by Sam Marke is song that highlights the struggles that come with being autistic including being shy or nervous to talk to another person, due to the fear and reasoning that whatever they say/do is inconsiderate and wrong based on physical or mental attributes or disabilities. The beautiful cathartic vocals combined with the satisfying chord progressions from the piano and other instrumental accompaniments truly makes the listeners feel connected and able to relate to the emotions portrayed and given to by the artist.

Sam Marke is a singer/songwriter who writes honest or sad music on experiences that happened or are happening in his life. His debut single, "Burden to Bear," is a song that touches on his own personal experience with the struggle of having autism and how it feels like a burden to others. If you are interested in following Sam Marke's musical journey be sure to follow his socials down below!

Written By Troy Sica



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