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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Buzz" - NADIA

“Buzz” is a vibrant dance-pop anthem with infectious beats and stirring melodies. From the sultry velvety vocals to the unstoppable tone of the beat, the song makes it perfect to get up and dance in your living room with the LEDs on. The club is the scene for infinite possibilities of things, but the notion of dancing in a place with strangers and reveling in the shared feeling of camaraderie and entertainment is not something people enjoy every single day. This song makes it the perfect anthem to celebrate all the good things that have come and are yet to come, looking for what will make you happy at the moment, the “buzz” that comes as you’ve enjoyed yourself to the fullest. 

With charisma, NADIA’s lyrical integrity crafts beautiful catchy dance-pop melodies. With such a catchy chorus determined to stay stuck in our heads, it also captivates and hypnotizes our mood with NADIA’s honeyed and serene tone. With her personal experiences set to the irresistible rhythmic drive, NADIA indulges in a gentler version of her usual neo-soul style.  As the song progresses, it snowballs in intensity and drive, with the emotional voice growing fuller and commanding the soundscape to bend to their will, charisma oozing out of the melodies as they dazzle the audience.

Nadia is a Belfast dance-pop powerhouse singer and songwriter. After a string of mystic hits like “Figure it Out” and “Every Step”, Nadia has worked with big-time producer Arden ‘Keyz Altino, who is known for his work with Jay Z, Mary J. Blige, Justin Bieber, and more. Reconnecting with her emotive and raw songwriting, NADIA embraces in expressing her feelings of loneliness, the pulse and vibrancy of the city, and raw emotions of pain, confusion, or betrayal. Throughout her career, NADIA has showcased her eloquence and self-confidence, commanding the attention of listeners with her passionate neo-soul sound. Since refocusing her career in 2018, she’s continuously impressed, releasing many noteworthy singles and joining forces with Sound Ballistics Music & Publishing. 

Written By Megan Cao


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