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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Bye Bye" - Erin Bloomer

Everyone needs a good anthem after a breakup and Erin Bloomer’s latest single “Bye Bye” is the perfect candidate. While it weaves that tell-tale story of ending up as just another notch in someone’s belt, the song makes it exceedingly clear that it won’t stand to be the crying damsel. Instead, it absolutely does not care, both physically and metaphorically saying bye-bye. The song is fun and light, and its lyrics are total confidence boosters– “Bye Bye” wants you to hold your head high and to know that you’ve got it so much better than whatever your not-so-significant-other has.

I think my favorite part of “Bye Bye” are the traits Bloomer names in the song's lover. From “spending all your money that your daddy saved for you” to “open your mouth/you let it out/no hesitation”, listeners know exactly what kind of lover this is. Bloomer elegantly crafts through her songwriting the vision of a lover who clearly doesn’t deserve any sympathy, whom of which is selfish and egocentric. It just makes the “bye bye” in the chorus so much stronger knowing that the lover’s red flags are dropped in inconspicuous corners of the song, eventually adding up until the bridge hits in a release of frustration. The song’s instrumentals are also super nice, in that they’re a little slower but gradually grow in power as the track continues. By the chorus, the song has gathered a lot of momentum; there, you can really feel the lyrics and instrumentals twining together. While "Bye Bye" is a culmination of anger toward someone who never deserved you in the first place, it also showcases how resilience and empowerment can take shape in a way that prevents the past from holding onto you.

Singer-songwriter Erin Bloomer first got her start by uploading covers onto social media which showcased her vocal talents and range, as well as her writing abilities. She’s worked with writing talents such as Oscar Scheller and Future Cut, who have written for Ashnikko and Lily Allen, respectively. Her debut single “Right Love, Wrong Time” dropped in 2017 and has garnered over 2.8 million streams to date. And, after the release of her debut EP “Cherrygirl3101” in 2020, she was requested to feature on the “‘SAD XXX’ remix” which has a collective 160 million streams. “Bye Bye” is Erin Bloomer’s most recent single and is definitely the best addition to your next playlist, breakup related or not.

Written By Alexa Leung



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