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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Called It Off" - Jenny Baker

Jenny Baker sings a tale we know all too well in her new hit, “Called It Off”. This song is like an excerpt from the diary we keep hidden in the back of our mind. When two people have an indescribable connection filled with deep love and inexplicable passion, it can seem like a never-ending game. That mad love is like a carousel, whipping around, and no one is able to find the stop button, and someone is inevitably going to get hurt. It’s nearly impossible to get over someone when they’re never really gone, and that is the story told in Jenny’s chilling song. You convince yourself you two are destined to be together because you can’t imagine either of you ever meeting someone who would come close to rivaling the connection and history. You’ll meet new people; you might even fall in love, but your heart rests easy knowing it’ll never love them like they loved him, and if, and when, this fails, we can finally be together again. It’s a twisted level of comfort that we admit only to ourselves, and then the unthinkable happens, and they move on causing the only sentiment you truly believed to crumble in an instant. We know what we had, and we cannot fathom a world in which they would choose someone new over us and all our past, and suddenly we’re more hurt than ever because we become replaceable in an instant and all the consoling memories we held on to dissipate along side.

“Called It Off” has an ethereal start with the instrumental mirroring drifting off to sleep and waking up in dream. Jenny Baker really paints a picture with her words, and you feel as if you’re watching a movie in the projector of your mind. From start to finish, you are right there along side her experiencing the pain from this breakup as if it were happening to you. Her lyrics are sharp and her pain is tangible through your speakers. In the intro she says, “I wish we’d crash and burned cuz the slow burn’s worse,” and in one line she sets the tone for the entire song and encompasses a relatable, sometimes indescribable feeling into words. Anyone who has gone through a similar situation with a partner will feel the weight of every line she sings. It’s almost as if she went into the file cabinet of every heartbroken woman’s mind and finally said the words we wish we had the courage to. “Called It Off” is a captivating pop song that will leave her audience hooked and hopefully help people heal when they realize this is a universal experience, and in her music, we learn we are not alone.

Jenny Baker is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter. She yearns for her eclectic pop sound and raw, transparent lyrics to empower her listeners. Jenny is a recent graduate from Harvard, and she is a member of the Berklee College of music Dual Degree Program where she studied songwriting, performance, and music business. Her ability to study sociology, feminism, and human rights at Harvard comes as no surprise when you hear her quick-witted lyrics. She aims to use her education and platform to enlighten her audience on real-world issues that she is passionate about. “Called It Off” is Jenny’s fourth release from her debut EP, The Day You’re Gone, and she has accumulated over 1.3 million streams worldwide, and she will donate a portion of all royalties to Education Through Music - Los Angeles. Jenny Baker is a woman with such aptitude for her craft and a desire to change the world, and this is only the beginning of her journey to success and global strides.

Written By Grace Chapman



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