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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Calories" - Zoë Ferguson

Zoë Ferguson has once again released a powerful single that effortlessly resonates with listeners. “Calories” dives deep into societal beauty standards and the resulting body dysmorphia that often follows. Ferguson wrote this song around two years ago in the midst of her own struggle with an eating disorder, making this her most vulnerable song to date. Writing this song was her emotional release from the internal battle she was fighting. After years of healing, Ferguson determined that now was the right time to release this emotional track. The song touches the hearts of many listeners due to its sensitive subject matter—and the way that many people can relate to it. The lyrics given insight on not only Ferguson’s own struggle, but the struggle that many people hide from those around them. In the heart wrenching chorus, Ferguson sings, “After counting all my calories// Do you think I could love somebody// If I can’t even love a single part of me// When I’m so weak// Counting all my calories.” Ferguson’s words stand out to those who have ever felt they are unlovable because they cannot find a reason to love themselves. “Calories” is it vulnerable single that makes listeners feel less alone, and empowered to speak up about their own internal battles.

“Calories” is an emotionally charged ballad that tugs on the heartstrings of listeners. Immediately, the audience knows that the song is going to take them on a heart wrenching journey from the moment they hear the first note. The intro consists of a single keyboard note being played four times, a couple seconds apart, emphasizing the melancholy tone. Once the fifth note is played, Ferguson’s angelic voice takes control of the song. The simple keyboard production continues in the background while drawing focus to the vulnerable lyrics. As the verse progresses, the synth beat is steadily introduced as the song leads up to the chorus. In the background, a light guitar strum can be heard, reinforcing the gloomy yet soothing melody. This production continues as Ferguson’s vocals beautifully leads the emotional song. In the bridge, she uses a combination of the keyboard and the synth beat to tie together the entire track. “Calories” is a heartbreaking single that is guaranteed to make the listener shed tears as they get an insight into Ferguson’s mind.

Zoë Ferguson is a Portland-based singer-songwriter. She began writing her own songs at fourteen years old. After teaching herself to play the piano, she began recording and uploading her original songs to SoundCloud. Her first demos caught the attention of Atlantic Records and APG. They invited her to take part in their EMERGE program. In 2019, Ferguson released her first official single, “Dip”. Then in 2021, she released her debut EP, Probably About You. “Calories” is the follow up single to her earlier 2022 release, “Die Alone”, which received massive success from her thousands of fans.

Written By Karlee Smith



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