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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "can I hear it again?" - KYRA

In its first moments—filtered audio and descending piano chords—the latest single, "can I hear it again?" from singer/songwriter KYRA might seem poised to capture downtrodden heartache. As the 19-year-old artist's words come into focus, however, the picture becomes soft and loving. It's not a coy fake-out, there is an aching at the song's core; it's the delicate ache of feeling so full of affection that you might burst at any moment. For most of its runtime, KYRA fills the arrangement with light touches, finding the greatest impact in subtle details: pulsing distortion, sprinkles of strings, and tasteful vocal layering. Those layers of vocal harmonies feel like waves of raw yearning crashing against the lyrical shores. Despite its sparseness, "can I hear it again?" effectively builds towards its climactic peak, a crescendo of passion. It's a magnificent song that radiates warmth, comfort, and tenderness.

Blanketed by the delicate sound, KYRA sings of overwhelming infatuation—emotions that pang, squeeze, and envelop. "Funny, now I'm so obsessed, it's obvious, but I haven't said those words yet," she floats over a gorgeous cloud of strings. Small moments, like playing chess, lend to the diaristic quality and add dimension to the storytelling. "When you play guitar on my bed / is it from the heart, 'cus you got mine." While KYRA creates an archive of these powerful emotions to be experienced, she yearns to live within those moments on repeat. Nestled at its center is the desire to honor love at its most raw and honest. KYRA captures her love's present condition, accepting its ever-evolving nature.

"Can I hear it again?" is the first official release by singer/songwriter KYRA. She wrote it about her boyfriend who she met in a songwriting session a year ago to write a love song. The recording that opens the track is the two of them chatting upon first meeting. The 19-year-old musician takes inspiration from artists such as Father John Misty, Taylor Swift, and The 1975, among others. On Tiktok, KYRA shares snippets, covers with her guitar, and background info on her music. She writes that "can I hear it again?" is one of her most personal artistic statements to date, relating it to an open diary entry.

Written By Andy Mockbee



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