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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "Can't Forgive Me" - ICEBERG

Artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer ICEBERG is someone to keep on your radar. Her newest single, “Can't Forgive Me” shows off her many skills in these areas. ICEBERG is a heavy hitter artist for those that listen. Her vocals and thoughtful lyrics are bringing life to her distinctive style of music and “Can’t Forgive Me” is no exception. ICEBERG's latest single starts out In an engaging and powerful way that highlights her unique vocals and emotional perspective. After hitting play, the track quickly fills with amplified vocals and a symphony of instruments. "Can't Forgive Me” is one of those songs that once you listen to it, you can't stop.

Music where you can feel the emotion pour out of every lyric, even if it is something unrelatable, is something this track does very well. “Can't Forgive Me” feels very personable, and at the same time something you can feel right alongside the artist. One of the best things about this song is the feeling and emotion behind every lyric. ICEBERG is not an artist who is afraid to put themselves out there. There are many different working parts coming together in perfect harmony throughout. Not to mention a stunning instrumental break around 2 minutes in. “Can’t Forgive Me” is a truly captivating song that is certainly one to get lost in.

ICEBERG is an emerging artist with a unique Indie rock sound. Originating from Pennsylvania, the artist ICEBERG is making her way for all to hear her music. ICEBERG is not new to the music world as she has been producing and songwriting in London for the last four years. “Can’t Forgive Me” was released in August 2022. This is ICEBERG'S third and most recently released single, followed by "Swim" earlier in 2022, and "Noise" in 2021. ICEBERG has many talents as seen in her producing and songwriting abilities. This artist's unique and inspiring music with a sound like no other should make anyone excited to see what she does next.

Written By Jenna Barton



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