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  • George McSherry

Review: "Castle" - Luiz Faria

Crashed waves push a breeze through your linen shirt at sunset, and deep breaths pull your eyes closed. Memories you suppress spring to the surface but not to fester, but rather wither in the strength of the sunlight. Bittersweet balladry reminisces on the hardship of lost love. Here, pride for having overcome the hardship is the uplifting takeaway, rather than the sadness or guilt one might expect from the resurfacing of such memories.

The underpinning elements of the track, smooth vocals and simple piano chords, open before guitar and reverbed bass enter alongside understated, layered electronic production, adding a satisfying depth. “Castle” slows and softens, bass and vocals intertwine on center stage, before the crescendo into the cathartic chorus. The vocal layers swim among one another, slowly winding down to the song’s end.

Having discovered an unbridled love for songwriting at age 12, Brazil native Luiz Faria has since developed his passion into the polished product we hear today, sourcing guidance and influence from some of pop music’s most established stars like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. He seeks to bear his most visceral and intimate emotions in his music, employing poignant lyricism and fine-tuned production to paint the bright yellows of joy to the deep blues of sorrow. In his young career, he has worked internationally, collaborating with producers from London to Los Angeles. Be sure to follow Luiz’s journey to watch his artistry continue to develop.

Written By George McSherry



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