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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Catch My Breath" - LIYAH

Have you ever felt such a strong connection to someone that being next to them or looking them in the eyes literally takes your breath away? 'Catch My Breath' by LIYAH sings of this feeling; where you're totally obsessed with and head over heels for someone to the point you'd do anything to spend every waking second of your life with them. It's almost like they're a drug and you can't go a day without your fix. This person means the entire world to you, and you've fallen harder than you ever have before.

LIYAH's voice is sweet and soft like a songbird as she tells the story of falling deeply in love. A kind, ethereal synth and tropical beat leads us into what becomes a incredibly groovy and catchy soundscape full of bass. 'Catch My Breath' is a mix of a pop with great story telling and a dance / club vibe with a classic RnB influence. The song is fantastically produced by Jason Afable, a producer and songwriter that just happens to be LIYAH's uncle! Together, LIYAH and Jason created a song that check-marks all the right boxes. This song will make you want to sing, dance and get lost in the moment.

From Maryland, LIYAH is a singer-songwriter who is no stranger to music. She grew up with many family members who were involved with music in some way. LIYAH is amazing at taking components from her favorite genres and created a unique sound that is bound to catch your ear. Inspired by artists like Destiny's Child, Tori Kelly and Billie Eilish, LIYAH is on her way to becoming a music icon. Make sure to listen to her other current releases, 'Burn' and 'PEACE'.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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